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The United Island States of AHSCA, Kuronami and Ilha das Tormentas

This wiki is dedicated to everything for AHSCA, only I and my friends may post things here. Any requests for me to make modifications should be sent to me.

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I am trying my best to be as balanced as I can and certainly don't wish or intend to defame any NS nations or any real life people that run them. All content expect those marked by OOC (out of character) are RPing and In-character contents and do not necessarily represent my views.

BE AWARE PLEASE: That this Wiki may contain NSFW material.



United Island States of AHSCA

People (Characters)

The War For Unification

Constitution of AHSCA

AHSCA Deceleration of Independence

National Liberal Party

National Islander Party

Aurora Island

Hoshino Island

Stillestando (Truce) Island

Corona Island

Animalpolis Island

Ilha das Tempestades

Pyeon-Gang Ho

Latest activity

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